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Strength comparison
Current location:
Production strength

Production strength

Name of production equipment Number Name of testing instrument Number
Plate curing press 100 sets No rotor sulfur transformer 1
Automatic liquid silica gel injection machine 12 sets Electronic tensile testing machine 2
Extruder / extrusion line 4 sets / piece Constant load hardness tester 2
Open mill 4 sets Image measuring instrument 1
    Wear resistance tester 1
    Color difference tester 1
    Hydrometer 1
    Constant temperature of digital electric drying oven 1
Total: 120 sets Total: 10 sets


The factory covers an area of 12000 square meters
·More than 190 production and technical personnel
·Perfect organizational structure
·Proficient in the whole process from raw material mixing to product molding, it has more advantages in cost and development efficiency
·Professional R & D capability of rubber products.




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