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Marketing activities

Advantages of plum coupling

The plum shaped elastic coupling is mainly suitable for frequent starting, positive and reverse rotation, medium high speed, medium torque and high reliability, such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting, transportation, light industry, textile, water pump, fan, etc. The working environment temperature is - 35 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃, the nominal torque is 25-12500nm, and the allowable speed is 1500-15300r / min. Ml series plum shaped elastic coupling is mainly composed of two convex teeth closely meshed and subjected to radial extrusion to transfer torque. When the two axes have relative deviation, the elastic element will have corresponding elastic deformation, which plays an automatic compensation role. Compared with other couplings, the plum shaped elastic coupling has the following characteristics: (1) It is stable and reliable, with good damping, buffering and electrical insulation performance. (2) It has large axial, radial and angular compensation capability. (3) The coupling does not need lubrication and has less maintenance work, so it can be operated continuously for a long time. (4) High strength polyurethane elastic components are wear-resistant, oil-resistant, large bearing capacity, long service life, safe and reliable. (5) With simple structure, small radial size, light weight and small moment of inertia, it is suitable for medium and high speed applications. Foshan Lingxin mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the sale of various types of couplings. Friends in need can contact us directly.
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