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Enterprise management policy
The pursuit of innovation, quality first, the establishment of sustainable business enterprises. Serve the society and seek happiness for all employees of the company. People oriented, establish the most competitive cooperation team in the environment of fair competition and mutual respect.
Environmental policy
Environmental protection, discipline and law-abiding, energy conservation and consumption reduction, sustainable development
Quality policy
Take the customer as the center, provides the best product and the service. Take the society as the responsibility to create the best benefit and environment.
Management commitment
Strictly abide by laws and regulations to achieve lean production, optimize resource allocation to meet customer requirements
Dewangxiang spirit
The spirit of struggle and enterprising, the spirit of harmony, the spirit of courtesy and humility, the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, the spirit of helping others and the spirit of conscientiousness and responsibility
Dewangxiang style
1、 Love your job
2、 Be bold in innovation
3、 Pay attention to actual results
4、 Honesty and self discipline
5、 Help and learn from each other
6、 Vigorous and vigorous

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