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Management strategy
We seek excellence. We are motivated by the continuous improvements, so we are innovating day by day in order to offer solutions to our customers, providing our experience, creating value in long-term relationships. We seek happiness. We believe in putting people first and creating the most competitive teams possible in an environment of fair competition and mutual respect.
Environmental policy
Our company is committed to environmental protection, abiding by discipline and laws, conserving energy and reducing consumption, and promoting sustainable development.
Quality policy
We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services possible while also taking responsibility for creating the greatest benefits and environmentally-friendly practices.
Management commitment
All products and processes performed are compliant to applicable laws and regulations, prevailing state-of-the-art technologies, industry standards and contract requirements.
Divine’s spirit
Our team embodies the spirit of struggle and enterprising, harmony, courtesy and humility, honesty and trustworthiness, helpfulness and conscientiousness.
Divine’s style  
Our team members embrace a love for their job, bold innovation, practical results, honesty and self-discipline, help and mutual learning, and energetic vigor.

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