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Facial massage instrument
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Facial massage instrument

Size:xxx-xxx-xxx Application: Material:Rubber
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Foshan divine Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.
Foshan divine Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006 (formerly known as Foshan Nanhai Dewang Rubber Co., Ltd.).
The company specializes in the design and production of all kinds of Silicone Baby products, kitchen silicone appliances, home appliances rubber accessories, silicone tube (strip) and other silicon, rubber products.
The company's products have been involved in household appliances, baby products, kitchen utensils, construction, sanitary ware, auto parts, electronics, hardware, plastic and other industries. The company adheres to the cooperation principle of "business with morality, win-win prosperity", and the management concept of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation", and is committed to the R & D and production of household appliances, baby products and kitchen utensils. The company's products have passed FDA, lfgb, VOC, ROHS, 6p, reach, PAHs certification.
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